Summary of Prospectus (Original written by Founder Kiichiro Toyoda, 1940)

My father, Sakichi Toyoda, immersed himself in research into inventions, accomplished the invention of the automatic loom and established this production plant, namely Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd. Here, Sakichi explicitly stated the essentials of research into inventions in the company’s business articles of incorporation and accomplished all kinds of research over several decades. As a result of this, he completed the fundamental improvement of the automatic loom and succeeded in inventing the world’s first high draft ring spinning machine and launched on to the international market, too. Furthermore, he went on to research manufacturing methods for domestic automobiles, completed this and opened the beginning of the supply of domestic automobiles.


In this way, the work that he left us prospered and his aims are in the process of being sequentially accomplished but, the implementation of research into inventions within a profit-making company tends to bias research to things that are in direct relation to that company’s projects and implementation of different kind of research is difficult because they are incompatible with current projects and the real intention of establishment. For this reason, this incorporated foundation was newly established to widely conduct research with the foundation of physics and chemistry firstly to contribute to the State but also to commemorate forever the achievements of the late Sakichi.


Japan has developed remarkably over the last few decades but, as this development has unavoidably been conducted over a short period of time, we had to adopt foreign civilization. However, now that we are facing the Second Great War in Europe, it has become extremely difficult to adopt European civilization. For this reason, it has become urgent that we research independently by ourselves and establish a research institute at which we will pioneer a new way by ourselves. Meanwhile, it has become difficult to expect the good fortune of chance such as we had in the Meiji Period when looking at the current status of research into innovation. Consequently, we must have expectations of the future progress of scientific principles that will become an abyss, the human resources that have an academic grounding and the technical facilities.


The quest for principles that will become a physico-chemical abyss has many correlations in that fundamental respect. Looking at it from these peripheral issues, even things that have extreme intervals depart from the same principles in that foundation so one research project can assist another project without intending to or can become a principle.


“Therefore this research institute shall not limit research matters” rather the main activity shall be the quest for fundamental principles and in peripheral issue-type research that occurs due to this, we shall promote the industrialization of objects that are productive and lucrative to the State. We would like to present results that promote academic development from a scientific standpoint, making progress more and more deeply. In short, we want to conduct research from both physical and metaphysical facets.


In addition, if we want researchers to achieve pure research following their thoughts, no anxieties about lifestyle, research or the future are borne, it can be left to the natural talent of researchers and it is important to put researchers in a position of liberty. For this reason, we would like to respect the free will of researchers, create a research institute where it is possible for them to research of their own volition, train new researchers, expand research scope and, by means of this, contribute to society and the State.