The Path of Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute

1940Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute (Incorporated Foundation) established (Shiba-ku, Tokyo City, Tokyo Prefecture)
First meeting of the Board of Directors held … Kiichiro Toyoda appointed as the first President
1942First edition of “Toyota Research Report” published
1943Main research achievements…「Research and production of direction finder for radiosonde」
1944Main research achievements…「Production method for single crystals of Rochelle salt」
1945Board member Yohei Yamaguchi appointed as the first Research Director
1953Taizo Ishida appointed as President
1956Main research achievements…「Semi-conductor strain-gauge」
1961 With the establishment of Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc. in Nagoya, the Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute is moved to the same place (Tenpaku-ku, Nagoya City)
1963「Designated Researcher Project」 inaugurated
「Physicality Discussion Meeting」… commenced jointly with Nagoya University
1969「Promoted Researcher Project」 inaugurated
1974Shoichiro Toyoda appointed as President
「Kariya Invention Club for School Children」inaugurated (Shinmei-cho, Kariya City)
1980With the removal of Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc., the Toyota Physical and Chemical Research Institute also moved (Nagakute-cho, Aichi-gun)
1990「Special Research Project」 inaugurated
1996「Molecular Science Forum」… commenced jointly with the Okazaki Institute for Molecular Science
2004「Research Fellow Project」 inaugurated
Kariya Invention Club for School Children moved (Tsukasa-cho, Kariya City)
2006「Specially Promoted Project」 inaugurated
2009Board member Hiroo Inokuchi appointed as Research Director
2011 become a public interest incorporated foundation
「Scholar Project」 inaugurated