• Activities

Research Fellows Project

Researchers who have retired from universities, national and public research institutes and companies who have notable achievements in the fields of basic science / basic engineering are employed as "Research Fellows" and they are expected to develop research activities as a"research foundation".

As of April. 1st, 2017:         Full-time Fellows   9         Visiting Fellows   7

Scholar Project

Young professors are selected as "Toyota Physical & Chemical Research Institute Scholars" through recommendations of the universities, whose research tasks match the establishment objectives of the institute.

This is a research grant program.         FY2017: 26 Scholars

Specially Promoted Project

We encourage and promote these researchers whose themes are not particularly focused at the present time but are expected to become important fields from the point of medium- to long-term view.

This is a research grant program.         FY2017: 4 theme

Public Seminars

Physicality Discussion Meeting
Jointly held with Nagoya University

The secretariat is located at Nagoya University and it conducts activities as a location that promotes enlightenment to those connected with physicality research in the Tokai region. Since its inauguration in 1963 until March, 2016, this has been held 377 times.

FY2016 : 8 times

Molecular Science Forum
Jointly held with the Institute for Molecular Science

The secretariat is located at the Institute of Molecular Science and it conducts activities with the aim of providing a place where a wide range of researchers who aspire to the development of molecular science can debate. It was opened to the general public in 2008 and is used as a location for even wider discussions. Since its inauguration in 1996 until March, 2015, this has been held 109 times.

FY2016 : 4 times

Toyota Research Reports

The results of research by "full- and part-time fellows", " scholars",and "specially promoted project", are edited and published once a year. Since the first publication in 1942 up until 2017, there have been 70 publications.

[ No.70(2017)]   [ No.69(2016)]   [ No.68(2015)]   [ No.67(2014)]   [ No.66(2013)]  
[ No.65(2012)]   [ No.64(2011)]   [ No.63(2010)]